Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Masquerade Postcard Book

It's that time of year again and the latest limited edition Girls Who Draw postcard book is due to be released very soon. Masquerade will be the fifth book the group have published and it features a new line-up of twelve emerging and established female illustrators from around the UK.

Each illustrator has interpreted the Masquerade theme in a different way and created two new postcard designs especially for the book. As well as masks there are theatrical characters, traditional folk costumes, animals in disguise and even camouflaged insects. The styles and techniques used to create the work are as varied as the content and range from intricately detailed drawings to multi-layered paintings, colourful print designs and bold digital illustrations.

The stunning Masquerade cover is unmistakeably the work of Sandra Dieckmann, it combines her talent for design with beautiful draftsmanship. As well as Sandra other illustrators returning for a second time are Alys Paterson, Kristyna Baczynski and Lee May Foster-Wilson. Regular contributors include Beth Morrison, Karoline Rerrie, Ruth Green and Yee Ting Kuit. They are joined by new contributors Aurora Cappiaputi, Helen Entwisle, Kate Sutton and Sarah Lippett.

Over the last few years Girls Who Draw has grown from a small group of illustrators to a larger network of contributors. They collaborate in order to publish a postcard book once a year and each new book is accompanied by an exhibition. The Masquerade book is no exception and it's publication will be followed by a touring exhibition.

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